Planet Football offers various coaching sessions for children of all ages (7 years and older) and abilities including One-on-One training.

One-on-One coaching is a great way to ensure player development, whilst allowing them to achieve their set goals and aims all at their own pace. The sessions can be molded to suit the target of the individual, so that they can improve all aspects of their game. This could be to improve a weakness in their technical ability or improving their football knowledge and tactical awareness. What ever it is, One-on-One coaching could be key to unlocking a players true potential.

Regardless of ability level One-on-One coaching is also a great way to develop your own personal skill set. You could be a talented academy player who’s wishing to gain that extra advantage in a game, so want some personalized coaching to improve certain aspects of your play. Or you could be a beginner who is training at home or at a soccer school and would like to get in the school team or a local academy, but needs some personalized coaching to reinforce the areas you have been working on. One-on-one coaching gives players that opportunity. They receive the individual attention needed to enhance and develop new skills and techniques, and work upon any weaknesses. This kind of devotion from coaches in team situations is difficult to get, which may hinder the speed in which a child’s develops.

Before any One-on-One programme is created, children will need to be assessed. This is to allow our coaches to see what level the child is at, so that they can make the best programme to suit their needs. If you wish to arrange a one-on-one programme, please contact our head coach today.