Planet Football is always actively looking for girls off all ages who are interested in training to become part of an all girls academy team. Currently we only have one group with around 10-12 players in. They are aged between 11-15 years and come from various different schools in the region. Training is every Wednesday from 4:30pm until 6:30pm at Planet Football Stadium, and is focused on improving basic skills and general game knowledge. The ability levels are mixed with some being beginners and others at a slightly more advance level, which means any new players shouldn’t feel out of their depth.

We are trying to create several girls teams (ages from 8 to 18 years) which will eventual form the basis for the girls academy teams. But since we just starting out, we will be looking at 2 groups of girls – 8 to 11 years and 12 to 16 years.

We feel that there are a lot of girls in the region who enjoy and love football, but just don’t have anyone to play or train with. Maybe you want to get into your school team for FOBISIA, or are keen football fan who wants to prove girls are just as good as boys. If so this is ideal for you.

Since we now have only 1 team, we are looking for add more players who are interested so that we can expand their training to twice a week. We would also like more people in the younger age range (7 to 10 years) to come forward and register themselves with our head coach. Once we have enough players registered (around 10 or more) we will confirm a time & day for their training session.

Previously we successful had an all girls academy team (15 to 18 years), who played several games against regional clubs, but unfortunately college and university schedules meant the team dissolved at the end of 2013. Below some pictures of our previous all girl academy teams from 2012-13