To enroll for any of our programs you must first become a Planet Football member. All you need to do is complete an application form, which can be found at the bar when you arrive. Then you  pay your membership fee and it’s as simple as that. For the one-off registration fee you will get a membership card, which should be brought to all sessions with you. The membership last for 12 months from the date you enrolled, after which you can enroll for a further 12 months. Anytime during this period you may be offered the chance to go into our development program or our Academy teams. Players who are offered these places will be chosen by their coaches based on ability and development shown over the course of the time they have trained with us.  If you are registering a child on the day of the training, please come slightly earlier so registration can be completed before training starts. Children should always bring suitable shoes and wear comfortable sports clothing to play in along with shin pads for protection. Water is supplied at all the session, and is located next to pitch 2.

** Please note from time to time we offer promotions for new members joining – currently you get a soccer school kit **

Fees and programs listed below:

  • Membership Fee – 1’000 THB
  • Mini Kicks – 1’200 THB per month or 300 THB per session
  • Kiddy Kickers  – 1’600 THB per month or 400 THB per session
  • Soccer School  – 1’600 THB per month or 400 THB per session
  • Development Program  – 2’500 THB per 10 weeks.


If you wish to have private tutoring (one on one) or small private group sessions, please contact us for available programs.
** NOTE – prices shown may change without prior notification **