Our community focus centres around the various football tournaments and coaching sessions we organize for the local community children as a way of supporting grassroots football. These events give children access to the use of our facilities at no charge, so that can play and learn in a safe environment, whilst also allowing them to participate in competitive tournaments. We run several competitions and leagues per month to give children as much football as possible, starting from Under 7’s all the way to Under 17’s.

Our coaching promotes the key aspects of what football and sport offers children; such as respect, discipline, focus, mental strength, physical fitness and cultural acceptance plus many other attributes that will help them in adulthood. Our events allow local children from various walks of life to gain new friends whilst interacting in a sport they all love.  

The local community have really embraced this philosophy ever since we started our first youth competitions back in 2010, with more and more coached youth teams springing up each year. Due to our success both on and off the field we now able to attract some of the more established and professional academies from surrounding regions to our tournaments making them even more competitive. This has improved the standard of local grassroots football considerable and has enhanced our reputation as one of the best coached clubs in the country. In the last calendar year, we had over 30 tournaments with more than 6’000 children participating in competitive football.

Due to the number of events we host, we also need the constant support from local businesses and kind sponsors who through their generosity help us to provide the facilities to the children for free, along with all the other costly aspects required for these tournaments including Referees, Trophies, Medals and other prizes. 



We organize and are involved in several charity events which support local and regional children’s charities, including Father Ray’s Orphanage, Pattaya Orphanage and Hand-2-Hand Foundation, but our main benefactor is a lesser well know orphanage based just outside Pattaya called Baan KhunBoonchu. The charity is named after its founder and started only a little over 10 years ago, an is aimed at helping children with special needs and also those that have been abandoned by their parents. 

The project is home to some of the most underprivileged children in the country, with many of them having severe learning difficulties and disabilities such as blindness, hearing impairment, autism and downs syndrome. Unfortunately, in most of cases the children have been abandoned by their parents or families as they cannot or do not want to care for them. Thankfully KhunBoonchu and her amazing and dedicated stafftake these children without hesitation into projects home and care for them as if they were their own children. 

With our support and the additional support of other companies & charities the project has grown massively in last 3 years, with them now being home to over 70 children. Due to this growing support it has allowed them to expand the facilities, building a small school, new separate dormitories, a safe play area, a green-house and vegetable garden, plus a small clinic. Previously the children only had one large room, where they ate, learnt, played and slept, so these improvements have made a massive difference already.

These new facilities have given the children a better standard of living, but due to the growing numbers they still need lots of support to help cover the daily and monthly basics including food and drink, electrical and water bills etc. Each year we run various fund-raising events to help cover some of the cost, but if you know anyone who can donate or support this cause please contact us today.