Our community work is done via the FREE football youth leagues and competition we organize all year round. We run 3 league and cup cycles per year, plus other sponsored cup competitions so that children can be involved in organized competitive football. Our vision is focused on allowing local children from all walks of life to have the opportunity to play football in a safe and controlled environment. We provided the facilities, equipment, referees and water plus medals & trophies which are given at the end of each cycle during an awards ceremony for free.  The age range for these competitions starts from U9’s all the way to U17’s, from which we chose 7 age groups to play in each cycle.

The local community have taken to this and since we started the leagues program, the number of locally coached football teams have doubled. We are also now attracting some of the more establish youth academies from the surrounding areas and are currently getting around 60 plus teams, that’s over 700 children playing football every weekend.


Off the back of the community work is the charity work we do for the local community, with our main benefactor being a special needs orphanage called Baan Khun Boonchu, which is named after the women who founded it. It is one of the lesser known charity organizations due to the fact it’s located outside of the main district of Pattaya and as such does not get the same kind of support.

The orphanage is home to some of the must underprivileged children in Thailand, with many of them having learning difficulties and disabilities such as blindness, hearing impairments, autism and downs syndrome. Unfortunately a lot of these children have been abandoned by their parents or families, but through the hard work of Khun Boonchu and her staff they are taken care of and loved as if they were their own children.

Recently the orphanage with some support from local companies and charity agencies, was able to build a small school and some new facilities allowing the children to develop new skills and giving them a better chance of a normal life. There is still so much more work required, as there is over 65 children living at the home both boys and girls ageing from 3 months to 19 years old. They need new dormitories, shower rooms, play areas, plus a on-site clinic, which are all vital in giving these children a better standard of life.

Each year we run various fund raising events to help raise the money they need to cover their general running costs, which is approximately 145’000 baht a month and rising with each child that is taken in. We are also involved organizing and hosting other charity and fund raising events for other local charities. Each year we have several football competition, such as the Shai Davis Cup. The Perfume House Cup and The MRS Youth Cup to name a few. Each one is aimed at local charities that deal with underprivileged, orphaned or abused children within the local community. These are excellent events and certainly a great way to raise much needed support. If you or your company are interested in helping the community, we invite you to contact us and we will help you organize your event, so that you can donate to the charity of your choice.