Our community work centres around the free youth football leagues and competition we organize for the local community. These give children access to our facilities, so that can play in a safe environment whilst supporting grassroots football with competitive and fun events. We organize several leagues and cup competitions per month, throughout the year plus other sponsored cup competitions for children of all ages from 8 years old to 17 years old.

Our vision is to promote the key aspects of what football and sport gives to children, such as respect, discipline, focus, mental strength, fitness and many other attributes that will help them in adulthood. Our events allow local children from all walks of life to have the opportunity to play football in a safe and controlled environment, where they get to meet and make new friends.

For most of the activities we run we provide the facilities, equipment, referees, drinking water plus medals & trophies which are given at the end of each event for free. We try to organize around 40 competitions of various styles across the year to give all ages as much football as possible.


The local community have really taken to this since we started our first youth competitions in 2010, meaning the number of locally coached football teams have more than trebled. We are also now attracting some of the more establish youth academies from the surrounding areas and are currently getting around 60 plus teams, that’s over 850 children playing football every weekend.


We are involved in several charity events which support local children charities, including Father Ray Orphan and Pattaya Orphanage, but our main benefactor is an orphanage just outside of Pattaya called Baan Khun Boonchu, named after the lady who founded the project. It’s a special needs orphanage and because of its location it is one of the lesser known chari-ty organizations in the region, meaning it doesn’t get as much support.

The orphanage is home to some of the most underprivileged children in Thailand, with many of them having learning dif-ficulties and disabilities such as blindness, hearing impairment, autism and downs syndrome. Unfortunately, a lot of these children have been abandoned by their parents or families, but through the hard work of Khun Boonchu and her amazing staff they are taken care of and loved as if they were their own children.


Recently the orphanage has had much more support from local companies and charity agencies, which has allowed them to build a small school and some new facilities including dorms, a small play area, a green house and a vegetable garden. Pri-or to these massive improvements, these children all stayed in the one room where they learnt, played, ate and slept (most-ly on the floor). Now they have access to better facilities which will allow them to develop new skills and giving them a better standard of living.

Currently the orphanage has grown to over 65 children and they require more living space, since they have children ageing from 3 months to 19 years old. They require new separated dormitories (boys & girls), shower rooms, extended play areas, plus an on-site clinic, which are all vital in giving these children a much better standard of life. Each year we run various fund raising events to help raise the money they need to cover their general running costs, which is approximately 145’000 baht a month and rising with each child that is taken in.

The fundraising football events we organize go a long way in helping the orphanage and certainly are a great way to get greater awareness to their children’s plight. If you or your company are interested in helping the community though fund-raising events like these, please contact us and we will help you organize it. The charity can be anyone of the local charities that are close to your heart, or if you don’t have a preference you can help us support the Khun Boonchu orphanage. Don’t delay contact us today and change a child’s life.

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