About us



Planet Football was developed to help children fulfil those dreams, and realize their ambitions.  Our goal is to share their dreams and passion for the sport, whilst enhancing their football skills and social morals.  We understand that football is a universal sport that can unite people of all ages, race and culture and as such we try to use this to increase the local sense of community.

Our Goal is to bring together children of all nationalities within the community so they can share each other’s cultural differences in a safe environment, whilst participating in sporting activities. We aim to stimulate their passion for sport, by guiding them through the different phases of development so they can accelerate their own progress and achieve their goals. Using the correct processes and training we aim to influence children, by providing them with right tools to improve them as athletes and community members. We teach our managers and coaches to start the day with one idea in mind, that they have a great opportunity to mould a child’s life trough sport.

We pride ourselves on the guidance we offer children through our extensive programs, with our goal being to produce stars of the future. Our available in house programs are:

  • Mini Kicks
  • Kiddy Kicks
  • Soccer School
  • Development Program
  • Girl Only Training
  • One-on-One Training
  • Academy Coaching

Plus we also do external sessions in some of the main international schools in the region, including Regents International School Pattaya (RISP), Chonburi International School (ISC) and International School of Eastern Seaboard(ISE). Activities at these schools include ‘Go Sports’ which is a mixed Sports/Games session aimed at children from 3 to 6 years, and ‘Soccer School Sessions’ which is fun football training aimed at children aged 7 to 12 years. We also have a healthy relationship with several other schools withing the region, which has helped us integrate with the local community and get out our ideologies.

Our goal is that over time we can develop and nurture children in the hope they reach their full potential. Installing life skills such as hard work, dedication, a never give up attitude, self-belief and respect for others, which are key in sports as in general life. Through these positive actions it helps raise their self-esteem and confidence which will in turn improve performances on and off the pitch.  To help with this we have provided the local community with the highest quality facilities, programs and coaching.

To take part in any of our coaching programs, you need to enrol and become a member after which you will receive a membership card for your program. Currently we have over two hundred children signed up as members,  of which over 75 students are academy players. These children play in the Free Community Youth Leagues or Cup Competitions that we organize, with over 60 teams from around the region (Chonburi) using the facility each week over 42 weeks of the year.


Planet Football was established in August 2009 by its founder Mr Martin Kinsella. He would often drive around the area, seeing local Thai children playing football in their bare feet on dirt or sand pitches. Being a father of two football mad sons, who were constantly breaking windows or ornaments in the garden. He decide to solve the problem by investing in an idea which would be to help children in the local community to play sports in a safe environment, whilst offering them the chance of self-improvement via coaching programs. His innovation has made a huge difference to local football (sport) in the region, with new pitches, clubs and teams appearing every year. This can only be good for local grassroots football.

Historical list of events:

  • Aug 2009 – Planet Football construction completed – Facility opened.
  • Jan 2010 – First coaching program introduced “Saturday Soccer School”
  • Apr 2010 – Second coaching program introduced “Academy Training – U12’s & U14’s”
  • Apr 2010 – First free children’s community football leagues start U12’s & U14’s
  • Apr 2011 – Construction started on new smaller pitch & sports hall.
  • May 2011 – Academy training incorporated U10’s & U16’s – New leagues created.
  • Dec 2011 – Pitch 2 & Sports construction completed
  • Jan 2012 – Introduction of new program “Kiddy Kickers”
  • Jan 2012 – FC Nova was taken over to form FC Planet Men’s team – Academy renamed accordingly.
  • Feb 2012 – New Program added – First all girls academy team (Under 18’s)
  • Sep 2012 – Academy training now covered age groups from U9’s to U17’s. Leagues for all age groups.
  • Jan 2013 – Reserves team added to academy coaching.
  • Apr 2014 – New coaching program introduced “Development Program”
  • May 2014 – Construction started on new 11-A-Side pitch.
  • Sep 2014 – New Soccer School session added to Wednesdays (5pm -7pm)
  • Jun 2015 – Completion of new 11-A-Side pitch, stadium still under construction.
  • Dec 2015 – Partial Stadium completed – Bar, Home & Away Changing Rooms, Referee & Media Rooms, Toilets, and external Jacuzzi
  • Jan 2016 – New open session added – Mini Kicks (ages 4-6 years) Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm
  • Mar 2016 – Temporary Stand added to new facility – Seating for around 400 people –
  • Aug 2016 – New all girls team added (11 to 15 years) Wednesday 5.00pm to 6.30pm
  • Sep 2016 – New U8’s team added to academy coaching & new facility named FC PlanetStadium
  • Dec 2016 – New pitch laid at Planet Football Stadium – replacing old 7-A-Side pitch