Those privileged players selected for our youth academy have to follow strict outlines regarding their attendance, discipline and overall application when representing FC Planet. These guidelines must be followed inside and outside the club, as representatives of the team. The guidelines help to install good lifestyle skills and habits into young children, whilst they are improving their fundamental football skills, game knowledge and tactical awareness.

Training takes place every week day after school, generally 5pm to 6.30pm, with matches played during the weekend. Current training times are listed below:

U9’s – Tuesday & Friday (5pm to 6.30pm) at Planet Football Stadium
U10/ U11’s – Tuesday & Thursday (5pm to 6.30pm) at Planet Football Stadium
U12/ U13/ U14 & u15’s – Tuesday & Thursday (5pm to 6.30pm) at FC Planet Stadium
U16/ U17 & Reserves – Currently Only Friday (5pm to 6.30pm) at FC Planet Stadium


Currently training for academy players is 200 baht per session, so if depending on the amount of sessions in a month it will determine the cost paid. example

  • 10 sessions in a month (200 thb x 10 = 2’000 thb)
  • 9 sessions in a month (200 thb x 9 = 1’800 thb)
  • 8 sessions in a month (200 thb x 8 = 1’600 thb)

** These fee’s have been based on 2 sessions per week basis **

Please note if payments are not kept upto date, then children will be suspended from training until such time that balances are cleared.

Also please note that there will more updates coming soon regarding enrolment and pricing structures for 2017.