The Mini Kicks programme is a very fun football based training session aimed at boys & girls from 4-6 years old. The activities commence at 4:00pm (prompt) and finish at 5:00pm every Wednesday, and Saturday from 9:00am to 10.30am. The Wednesday session is run on the 5-A-Side pitch (Pitch 2), which is astroturf. Children are advised to wear comfortable sports shoes or football boots if they have them. The Saturday Session is held in the Sports-hall (Pitch 3) and as indoors children should wear sport shoes or futsal shoes. During all sessions Children are encouraged to wear their ‘Soccer School Kit’ at every session. The sessions are run all year round, unless they fall on a major holiday such as Christmas or New Year.

The qualified coaches will make sure that all the youngsters are having fun, whilst participating in the activities and games. The main session aims are to improve each child’s basic motoring skills, coordination skills, football skills and technical abilities, whilst building good team ethics and principals of sport. The idea is to encourage them in fun and friendly way so they can develop at their own pace and try to build self-confidence at the same time. In this session parents are also encouraged to come and join in, to provide support and confirm understanding, so that youngsters learn in a comfortable enviroment.

Wednesday session currently costs 300THB, and Saturday costs 400THB. After the first session, each child must register as a member, with a one off membership fee of 1’000THB. This one off payment includes a membership card and Soccer School Kit (valued at 850THB), plus that days session is Free. Payment thereafter is 300THB or 400THB per session depending on day attending.